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Dr. Doezema is a Prosthodontist, a dental specialist who has received two years of advanced clinical and academic post graduate education beyond dental school, and has been licensed as a Prosthodontist by the State of Michigan, in addition to his general dental license.

Dental treatment procedures commonly carried out at Dr. Doezema’s office include single crowns and fixed bridges (anchored to both natural teeth and dental implants), removable partial dentures (anchored to both natural teeth and dental implants), removable complete dentures stabilized by smooth gum tissue and bone (or with the help of dental implants), and fixed dentures anchored by multiple dental implants. The number and location of the dental implants are determined by Dr. Doezema, then surgically placed by an oral surgeon or periodontal surgeon. Common layman terms, such as “dental bridge” or “partial bridge” or “partial denture”, can be misleading and have multiple meanings. All are related to tooth replacement of some form, fixed or removable.

Tooth Replacements

“Tooth Replacement” is a common term for a variety of dental prosthetic restorations or devices, such as: a) a fixed bridge replacing one or more missing natural teeth that is anchored to adjacent natural teeth or newly placed dental implants,

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Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a common term for a dental prosthetic restoration that is removable, replaces one or more (but not all) missing natural teeth, and is anchored by natural teeth, and/or dental implants, and rests on gum tissue.  In

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Dental Implants

A dental implant can be thought of as an artificial tooth root, made of titanium alloy.  This artificial or prosthetic root can be used to support a single crown to replace a single natural missing tooth, or two or more

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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a commonly used term to describe a fixed bridge.  A fixed bridge is a dental prosthetic restoration that replaces a single missing tooth, or multiple missing teeth, using adjacent natural teeth (or newly placed dental implants)

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