First Appointment Info



We welcome new patients. You can refer your self by simply calling Dr. Doezema at 1-616-954-2288. You can also be referred to our office by your general dentist, another dental specialist, your physician, other health professional, or a friend of our office.

Initial Examination and Consultation:

This is an important appointment. It is the occasion that you become acquainted with us, and we with you. We can listen to your concerns, diagnose your problems, and begin to plan your treatment.

During your first appointment:

Dr. Doezema will:

  • Listen to your chief concerns or complaints.
  • Review your dental and medical history.
  • Examine your mouth for dental diseases such as decay, periodontal (gum) problems, wear, stomach acid erosion, jaw discomfort, and signs of cancer.

Dr. Doezema will also:

  • Take x-rays if necessary to see what the eye cannot see
  • Take photographs of your mouth for display on the computer screen in front of you and for printing on your treatment plan.
  • If necessary, take impressions for study models to plan your treatment.

If a diagnosis is evident at that appointment, Dr. Doezema will also:

  • Illustrate your dental concerns and problems with your photos on the computer screen in front of you.
  • Discuss the treatment options and fees in general terms.
  • Illustrate the treatment methods, steps, and final results, with photos of past cases.

Dr. Doezema will carefully study all of the diagnostic information, mail you a WRITTEN TREATMENT PLAN with a FEE SCHEDULE for your consideration. Another consultation appointment is available to you, at no additional charge, if you have any questions or concerns before you decide on your options.




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