Financial Information

Your written treatment plan that is mailed to you after your initial appointment, will contain an ITEMIZED FEE SCHEDULE with payment options for your consideration.

Our fees reflect not only the added difficulty of the dental conditions we treat, but also the additional training and experience that a Prosthodontist like Dr. Doezema brings to that treatment.

The written treatment plan will enable you to review the discussion you had with Dr. Doezema during your first appointment. If you wish, you may schedule a second consultation appointment, at no additional charge, to ask Dr. Doezema any questions about your proposed treatment before you decide on your options.

Payment Options:

1. Cash or Check

2. Credit Card

3. Dental Insurance

Arlene, our office manager, will gladly fill in, file, and mail your insurance forms for you as a courtesy, although our office does not participate with any insurance plans. Since your insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company, the insurance benefits will be assigned and sent to you by the insurance company. The fees for patient care provided by this office are a responsibility of the patient. These fees for services are due at the time the services are rendered, as per the payment schedule on your treatment plan.

Since 1975, dental insurance has been a great help in encouraging patients to seek regular primary dental care, reimbursing patients well for routine cleanings, x-rays, and other basic care to maintain good dental health. Dental insurance is not designed to reimburse patients in full for even the most basic Prosthodontic procedures. Most dental insurance companies have not only dollar limits on specific procedures, but also have low yearly maximums, and exclusion of certain procedures. These limits and exclusions are set by the terms purchased by your employer from the insurance carrier. Dr. Doezema will always recommend the best treatment for each patient based on careful diagnosis and treatment planning, not insurance coverage. The limitations of coverage by the insurance company are not indicative of the worth, quality, or value of the diagnosis and treatment offered by Dr. Doezema.

4. Trauma Related Medical/Dental Insurance

Dr. Doezema has treated and rehabilitated victims of oral facial trauma related to auto, motorcycle, jet ski, snowmobile, gunshot, slip and fall, athletic, and other types of injuries for over thirty years. The insurance coverage in these instances can come from an auto policy, a homeowner policy, workers comp, or a medical policy. This type of coverage differs greatly from ordinary employer purchased dental insurance.

Dr. Doezema has treated these oral facial trauma patients for over thirty years with crowns, fixed bridges, dentures and implants. After a careful diagnosis, the treatment plan and fees would be sent to and usually approved by the insurance carrier. Treatment would be completed, and paid for in full by the insurance carrier. Several years ago, the insurance companies persuaded the state legislature to change the insurance related health laws to allow the insurance companies themselves to determine the “reasonable and customary” fee level for each case. Insurance companies still gladly “approve” our recommended treatment, but will not disclose if they will offer reimbursement or at what level. It soon became apparent that reimbursement levels were not covering basic costs. We still see trauma patients for examination, diagnosis, and treatment planning, but we have to offer treatment on a fee for service basis, with insurance benefits assigned directly to the patient.




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